2022 Spring Summer


Margit Kovács (1902–1977) was a Hungarian ceramist and sculptor, whose wast lifework was very hearfelt.


Her main themes are country folk, family life and bible stories.

Her work varied but is characterised by flowing lines which curve sensually to evoke sentiment.


Celeni would like to remember with the 2022 Spring Summer collection to the stories and woman created by Margit Kovács for those who did not know her until now.

As she paired folk impressions with expressive forms, Eszter Cselényi would like to pair an other Hungarian gem with the latest trends in line, that will possibly make us feel positive and smile while we wear her clothes.


Raw materials, textures, of Margit Kovács were symbolised in this collections' textiles, mixing shiny and matte in a collection that is mostly based on natural materials playing around with tracery and flowy silks.


The Midlle Eastern mood and color palette of the 2022 summer trends have met in the imagination of Eszter with the beautiful expression of these sculptures sitting on the shelves of her prents house.


This is how the story evolved from yet an other, maybe forgotten Hungarian tresure into a new Celeni Collection.