SS17 collection inspired by the ceramics of the Őrség region


The designer spent the summers of her childhood in Western Hungary, near the Őrség region, which has for many years been famous for its local pottery that incorporates organic designs, and is made according to a special technique using a unique and intense colour palette.

This colour palette of the ceramics has been distinctly dominated by the bluish-green colors of the landscape, the very dark green and ivy green plants, the brownish colors of the fallen fruit of late summer, and the terracotta and reddish yellow footpaths.

The designer’s fascination for these imperfect hand-made ceramics, as well as her childhood memories spent in the region served as the inspirations for Celeni’s SS17 collection.

In developing the design for the collection, the designer researched and studied the work of János Czúgh, the descendant of a family of potters in the region, integrating the patterns and colours of his ceramics into the collection.

The contrast of the shiny and matt materials found on these rough, hand-made ceramics are reflected in the collection by mixing natural fabrics with fabrics developed with new technologies; a special Greek taffeta, poplin, georgette and Italian silk dominate the collection.

The unique colours of the inner sides and the edges of the ceramics are also reflected as embellishments in the details of the internal linings and the edges of the collection’s pieces.

The influence of the work of János Czúgh, a famous Hungarian potter from Magyarszombatfa, has played an important part in developing Celeni’s SS17 collection.

Magyarszombatfa in the Őrség region has a very strong pottery culture, where János Czúgh along with his brother established the Pottery Association in the 1950's that contributed to maintaining the nearly 700 year-old tradition in the village, making it onto the Lists of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2014.

The hand-made, rough ceramics are made of clay mined in the region. Much of their charm is contained in the contrast of the shiny and matt materials, as well as the tiny flaws that can be found hidden in the pottery, since it is these small imperfections that give each piece its unique character.


Karman for Celeni

Celeni’s SS17 jewellery collection was inspired by the ceramic motifs of the Hungarian Őrség region. Patterns are taken from the natural world, but reinterpreted in slightly changed proportions. Diffracted light from the gold coloured material is reminiscent of a matt, painted ceramic surface and the uneven shapes resemble the unique and irreproducible strokes of an artist’s brush. The collection’s design is comprised of prolific leaves and petals, bud-like shapes and layered shapes.

Inspired by tradition, produced from modern materials with laser cutting technology, the collection is raised to a new dimension.