The second collaboration of jewelry designer Orsolya Kármán and Eszter Cselényi is the jewelry collection for Celeni's SS17 collection.

Ever renewing and original collections are jewelry designer Orsi Karman’s trademark. She works with unique materials and methods, which reflects this designer’s individuality and distinctiveness.

An excellent example of this distinctiveness is the exclusive SS17 collection designed for fashion designer Eszter Cselenyi’s, Celeni brand. The inspiration for which was the ceramic motifs of the Hungarian Őrség region. Patterns are taken from the natural world but reinterpreted in slightly changed proportions. Diffracted light from the gold coloured material is reminiscent of a matt, painted ceramic surface and the uneven shapes resemble the unique and unreproducible strokes of an artist’s brush. The collections design is comprised of prolific leaves and petals, bud-like shapes and layered shapes.

Inspired by tradition, produced from modern materials with laser cutting technology, the collection is raised to a new dimension.

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